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The OGeez! Story

The OGeez! Tradition

Since launching in 2018, OGeez! has been creating innovative and memorable cannabis-infused gummies dedicated to flavoring life’s journey.

We pride ourselves on delivering amazing flavor along with consistent, targeted effects for every occasion. Guided by the principle that cannabis should be simple and that every great gummy begins with a mouthwatering first bite, our mission is to provide every consumer with an unsurpassed consumption experience. 

We’ve spent countless hours fine-tuning our proprietary recipe and formulating delicious, bouncy gummies with no bitter aftertaste.

The OGEEZ! Timeline


How it Began

It all started in 2014, following the passage of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, when pioneering cannabis advocate Peggy Noonan started one of Arizona’s first edibles companies — selling everything from peanut butter to pesto.

She drew on her past experience with cannabis and on her work as a general contractor in the restaurant world to build up her presence in the Grand Canyon State.

As a product of the 1960s, Peggy viewed edibles as a way to bring the therapeutic and enjoyable benefits of cannabis to everyone. She was a champion of marrying accurately dosed products with superior flavor.


Gaining Traction

As Peggy’s products gained traction in Arizona, she also was becoming more widely recognized on the national cannabis stage.

In 2015, she received the High Times “Trailblazer of the Year” award. In early 2016, she was prominently featured in a Bloomberg News story about the burgeoning edibles industry.


From Baked Goods to Beverages

In late 2017, Peggy launched Copia Infusions, a new edible company. Copia carved out a name for itself as a small-batch manufacturer with a large array of products, including baked goods, confections, vape pens, pre-rolls, tinctures and beverages.

That same year, however, Peggy was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Ever the entrepreneur, she pressed forward, making deals and coming up with new ideas throughout her treatment.



The Birth of OGeez!

Recognizing that many cannabis gummies were not up to par, Peggy had a vision for a new kind of product. She began formulating gummies with rich and unique flavors that had a melt-in-your mouth texture — without the traditional bitter cannabis aftertaste. She believed the cannabis experience should be kicked off with a moment of mouthwatering bliss.

Her gummies — which were given the playful name OGeez! — soon began surpassing all of her other products in popularity. She then took a big risk and stopped producing all of those other products to focus exclusively on OGeez!, including the one-of-a-kind, double-layered cream gummy that’s now a company staple.

2021 & Beyond

A New Era

In April 2021, after a nearly four-year battle with Leukemia, Peggy passed away. An obituary in High Times hailed her as a “rebel businesswoman” and a “certified cannabis trailblazer.”

Six months after her death, OGeez! memorialized her with a new gummy: Peg’s Raspberry Orange RSO, now one of its most popular products.

Peggy’s son, Bran Noonan, took the company’s reins and changed its name to OGeez!. Today, the team at OGeez! is taking the company national and turning Peggy’s vision of making delicious, accurately dosed gummies for all into a reality.